Aerial View Poster

of Put-in-Bay and the surrounding islands

The picture was taken by John and Carol Rees with a medium format camera on Fuji transparency film from an altitude of 5,400 feet, just over a mile above ground. The day was exceptionally clear so small objects are clearly visible on Put-in-Bay. The Miller ferry is visible approaching the Lime Kiln dock and you can count the airplanes on the ramp at the airport. All buildings on the island, not obscured by trees, are visible as well as boats in the harbor. The westernmost portion of Pelee Island, Canada is visible along with land features. Even mainland Ontario, Canada is faintly visible, 25 miles to the north.

The poster is 22"x28" and is printed on high quality coated paper. It is especially suitable for framing and hanging as it draws immediate interest from all who have visited Put-in-Bay.

The poster is limited production and is available at many Put-in-Bay gift shops or may be purchased for $15.00 with free postage and shipping. It is shipped in a durable mailing tube so there will be no crumpled edges.

OR send check or money order to:

Carol A. Rees
8278 Kennedy Rd.
Blacklick, Ohio 43004

For further information send email to John Rees